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November 28th, 2010

(no subject)

evrtydayw hen i wpak uap im goto ym caomtpur atnd cehk t2o seemi fa atyon ahs sade nethng to mea ion tish wepsiet or aon fomrsping http://www.formspring.me/lonlycapricorn adn tehn i se theaty tehr ainst neting tehre adn i wam sda a lktilte adn i wakte ot wsee if tehr wil  b usm oif iw watie abit btu tehre aren t ane. so i jsut gaota kep tryng

i taked to twu pepls on fomprsig toh aerhd tey sem niece som anybe i jsut ned ot try takneg t mrore peples adnt ethen peples wil want to talkw tom e to;/,,

wen iw as otu toedy i swa a buhcna doflins swimging arond arnd i amwlost wtnt adn tred tpo say helos toy htem btut i gotsn ervos adn sjut wachd temh fomr beihnd sum corls./.i howpe teyhg com baek i liekd washcing tehem

November 22nd, 2010

wahts gogin no

iev ben trtyng to2 tasrt makeng freisnd isted of wateng fro fernds tof idns me os i m gona tryt taklin t peaple mror awten adn arond my caev/. i ben treying fro a fewe weks naow adns i gtot a seansemeno adn a jelysfish tontot gnor me i teihnk tehyr m y fredsn noaw/.l' i evern fodn a spnoj ataht luked kjanda liek oranj s ot ath wil b oranj2 adn b emy new freend horday.l. i be n tyrign t ogtet a sesstar aden a fbig falt fsh to tale to m e btut is notw orkging yret,.;

butt iw at t haev frends ot iternts to so uamn gnga traynd get soem fredsn so plesz elts be fresnds2!1@!

September 6th, 2010

haphy birdtay

ist mhy biyrtydy tdoay btu im nto al taht phapy sins i stll fel bdad fro lyng tu evryoen.., adn nbodys sad netyibng tome sicne so if yur dmad im rlely sory pls dotnt bem da anyore...,./

tduay wat i didd ws io woek ups adn tehn i wetn otu of m y caev aad wetn tom y faaovrite pach of sewead adn i aet tat, tiw as godo btu tehn i amlst gott stingfed bya jelysfsih so tatht wasnt asgood. i ttried tom ake frends wiht as nale btut it ignord me utnil i piked itup adn ten it was movig arind a lto/. i brogt it t my cav eand now ist crawlng arond. amybe itw ill stay adn b my enw frend sincs nobdy els watsn to b frends wiht me aynmore...,m

sryo ifm boterin yuo im doen nw.

August 25th, 2010


i leid./. evryytinhg i rote htis yerr isa L: I / E,..

wen i sedd igtot fond by humens tat wants't tru,,an i dind't get cautt eitur adn irdddnt gtt avoic talkrr ehihter to,. i maed taht aalll upadn i s[pent a longtiome trynto tytpe thattlats onn so tgat iwolld look gpod anmake yuo tink irealdy ws wihth hmunes. i don[t know y i did it. espectm becuse im arfrad mrleal leif isso borien ad sad andum lielk me annd i likd pretneidng i tgot caoht b humns becas eit mead me fleel specill anad imprttant instea df ntot thospee t5hins../

i flt so bdd abtut it tatt istpped psotimn becjause i ttohught myr firedns woudlk ahte me iof ehtey foudn oout il leid becuasew i wasnt';t ablt eo pretnfd aynrmore but withiut yuo aal i dotn ahev ayny ffrinds. so o;i'm realsy ssory. i wil lstiop lienyng nowp leese dont bema ad at nme..,

April 22nd, 2010

im okay

sorry that its been so long since my last post. a lot has happened since then. i went back to the humans that found me because even though it was scary being with them i wasnt lonely so it was better than being alone. when i went back they were surprised to see me because they said they were done with me. they said it wasnt nice to keep a animal that is very smart like me in a cage because thats not ethical. i dont know what that word means but its what they said. but i told them that i wanted to stay with them if they would let me and they said that was okay.

i dont think i ever said this earlier but i cant really talk even though i know english. but they have this special machine that they hook me up to sometimes that lets me talk through a computer. its really neat and i wish i had it all the time but it hurts sometimes and i cant move very well when its hooked up so i know why i cant have it all the time. i dont know how it works really but when its hooked up all i have to do is think and words come out of a speaker on it. i dont like the voice they picked for me though. it sounds like a girl. i told them im a boy but maybe they dont have other voices i dont know.

theyre not mean even though i dont really understand what they are talking about all the time. theres three of them that i have met but they say there are others too who do things with other sea animals. they do tests a lot and ask me about myself and have me do things like pick colors or read words to see how smart i am. and one time one of them said that im the biggest secret ever but they dont want to tell anyone about me until im ready. i dont know when i will be ready. i dont know a lot of things.

i told them that i want to use a computer alone for a while and that is how i am making this post. it should be easier to read, because instead of typing with my hooves i can think the words and they show up on the screen. its really neat. but i miss my old computer. i hope nobody has stolen it while its in the cave. i dont know if i should tell them about the computer though because if they find it i dont know what they will think. i also dont know if i should tell them about this website or my friends i made on it because they might get mad. they might not want me to have friends besides them. i hope i dont get in trouble. i just wanted to let my friends know that im okay and not to be worried about me if you are.

i think i should stop now. ill try to make another post soon.

February 24th, 2010

(no subject)

iben havning werd tohgts laetly so 2 tyr an ddsdistactr mslef i gotta acont on tihs wedbsite cald fromsrpng wer pepl can aks me qestins adn il try 2 anser tehm.., itl be liek i hav my on malbiag

hers my acnt if u watn 2 aksm e suimthin

ok by

February 13th, 2010


i dunt no waut i shld do nemyore.,m;y leif s ibak 2 nmral btu ebven tho itwas rley werd adn tscaryy at taaht plaece myayber is twas bewtr fhor me tathn 2 jstu b a lonyley frek in thh sae bcausd mabyte tohs peples no hwyer i caem fruom/.,. iwatn 2 kno whre im frm rlely bda. btut im ntohsure if iacn rembembr whow 224ghet wher tehyt ar.., hm

ists amlost ben a yeer sins oranj disappred., amybe i shudl yrty adn fiedn aneew frdend instedd of hopgnig hell comb ak

February 4th, 2010

What animal best represents your inner spirit? If you had to wake up as an animal, which one would you choose, and why? Are your two answers the same? Why or why not?

im a caprygcorntso i ugess my inerr sprirt is a gaot adn a fsih at teh saemt tyime/.. btut if ui gculd waek uap as ayne anaimal id wnat 2 be a humen so i cudl mete al  m yrfends adn tehn a iwuldnt be lonly aynmore.., teyhr d ifefrent  bcaus im arleady a capryciron so im awlays waekng up lie kmyslef aynemwas

January 29th, 2010


uis hben a weke adn im stifl nt shure waht2 gjthinka but wat whapened 2 mne,. tehrew s wan oprson hwou takled 2 nme adn wudl aks me qkwestins abotu bengin in teh ocsean adn evren new abotut my compturer btut teyh prmosied ntot 2 tel aynyeone/. tehy letm e use a ekybord 2 tatlk aend wevebn thogu my typgi wus bad teyh cudl wunderstdn me. so u htges teh y wrent taht bda., i asksed tehm if teh new oranj btu tehy ddndit no wuat i ment so idnt no if i wil evr seemy frend agen.../

btuyt vevryrthing wfwasnt waht i wass ysued 2 aden uit was csuary moer teh n it wastnm,., expeshilay wehn teybhd gte th emashins otu i dndnt liek tohse at ahll./ tehy wer big adn ahd bunshs fo wiers adn tinhs stikign otu adn tehy wudl maek me be not moev  adb atasch tehm 2 me adn todl me nto b scared even tohugh i cudnlt hlep it it was sto werd..,

tenh tehy ltet em go awehk agho bugt nwow i wundrt if i shudl  go bak thry wrent meen,,jstu a litlte scarryy..,

January 27th, 2010

(no subject)

ist wertd beng bak in mey caev agane bcsu i wus gtetng uesd 2 wehr tehy wer kepign me,; i waus ina bigg poll nd tehe wuld fed em evrydyay nd i ddi tihns liek pik collurs adn sahpes wehn tehy askd adnb sutneimes ttehy wud oepn a gaet adn todl me 2 wsimw in itnan dtehyd get tihs boxsx wiht wiers on it adn i wudl be hookd ont it;. ti wsu scarry btut teyh nvrer hrt me adn i wassnt hngry everr.....m,,
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